5 Website Statistics Every Business Should Know

1) About 71% of all small businesses have a website. Studies show businesses with a website are more successful than a business without.

2) 38% of people will leave a website and not use the businesses services if their website is badly designed, not responsive or functions poorly.

3) Almost 40% of users judge a business by the quality of their website. This is an obvious one, if you visited a website that looked sketchy or just didn't work well then chances are you wouldn't use them.

4) Over half of e-commerce revenue is generated on mobile platforms. This means you want to make sure your site is mobility responsive and World Wide Web Designs is an expert in that.

5) Nearly half of all Google searches are for local businesses. This should show how important it is to have quality SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and a high quality website for your customers to see once your site is clicked on.

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