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Full Service Website Design

Our Full Service Website Design is the premier plan for any business looking to get a website. While people think all website may be the same there is nothing further from the truth. Details such as responsiveness, user experience and search engine optimization make our website stand atop others and your business could have one as well.

Cutting-Edge Professional Design

So what's included?

Custom Website Built For Your Business Specifically

I know this one is obvious but I still wanted to make it clear. The website that will be built for you will not just be thrown together carelessly using a basic theme. I not only handpick every element within the website but determine every aspect of that said element to make sure it is perfect for you and the people who will be viewing your site.

Responsive Design To Make Sure Your Site Is Flawless On All Devices

One thing people do not realize about websites is that one website has to have multiple versions. There is the desktop version and the tablet version. Then within those, there are even for versions. For example, a website on a 13 inch Macbook screen will look different then the same website on a 24 inch PC monitor. We make sure that your website looks perfect on all devices, no matter the screen size.

Stunning Images, Text And Other Content

You could have the most well designed website in the world but if you use pictures taken from a flip phone the website will look horrible. Same with text. Wouldn't you lose trust in a website if you noticed misspelled words or improper grammar? We might not be William Shakespeare but we do employ some magnificent content writers to make sure your website stands out. We also have access to hundreds of thousands of images that are professional level quality to make sure your website looks the best it possibly can.

Search Engine Optimization

Your site could be selling or promoting the best product in the world but if no one could find it, the quality of your website and products are irrelevant. We make sure this doesn't happen by optimizing your website for search engines to find. We know what they are looking for and we know how to give it to them. All of our SEO knowledge will be engrained into your website to make sure it ranks as high as possible in the search results.

Onsite Training

While we always love helping our clients update their website, there are times they would just like to do it themselves. We provide each of our clients a digital instruction manual to show how to change images, update text, add new products and more. 


Tech Support That Is Above And Beyond  

When people think of tech support they think of a call center overseas that gives less than ideal customer service. We are the exact opposite of that. If you ever have any questions you can contact us 7 days a week. A member of Worldwide Web Designs will be ready to help 365 days a year directly from our office in Storrs, Connecticut. We always respond instantly or within a matter of hours so you know you are in good hands. 


How We Keep The Lights On

Our Pricing

Make Sure This Plan Is Right For You

Please note, if you are getting a basic informational or e-commerce site our express or monthly option may be better for you.

Getting A Website Is Like Getting A Car

You could get a 1986 Toyota Camry for $500 or a 2022 Corvette for $60,000.  Getting a website is similar in the fact that a basic informational website is going to cost a lot less than a website that requires advanced functionality. If you only need a basic site, I recommend you see our express or monthly option. However, if you need those extra bells and whistles such as front end user accounts, multi-vendor marketplace functionality, front end messaging systems or anything like that, this is the place to be. 



Informational Website


Advanced Informational Website


E-Commerce Site


Advanced E-Commerce Site


Hosting, Domain And Maintenance

Depending on what type of site you need and how it is built there is a high chance you will not be required to pay a maintenance fee. Hosting for informational websites costs around $160 per year and hosting for e-commerce sites costs around $300 per year. In most cases the domain is included in the cost of hosting.